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Avast and torrents
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:46:01 PM »
So utorrent is disabled by default in the p2pshield.

Firstly I'd like to establish whether this is a real problem;
Does it pose a real threat to being infected by a virus? I was under the impression that other "shields" would check the files. i.e. when the folder is viewed or the files are moved or the files are "run", etc. Therefor I'd be protected from infection anyway.

If it is a problem, then are any of the following solutions valid options for scanning the files once they are downloaded using the "run this command" option in utorrent;

1) Running ashCmd.exe from across the network? I'd prefer to use ashCmd as I can specify options, including --sendmessage. I'm just not sure if it'll work. And if I get the greenlight on this then I'll dig into the help on setting it up exactly as I want it.

2) or am I stuck with using ashQuick.exe and it's limited options (as per my scant references below.)

Background:  This forum has previous solved any problems I've had with a quick search, but not in this instance. I've been a Avast! user for many years now. (Oh happy were the days, when I had a startrek themed avast, lol). I usually buy 5 multi-year licenses every couple of years, for my parents and myself, and will happily continue to do so in future.  I have a home network with 4 pc's on it (+ other things like phones, etc ). I have Avast! Internet Security 8 running on 3 of them.

This 4th pc, it's an old one,  I've set-up with winXP, Avast! Free and utorrent and limited it's access speeds to the internet. This way I can dump large torrents on it (linux distro's, flightgear scenery, etc) and have them download slowly without intefering with my internet access from my other pc's much. So I don't regularly use this pc, it's just supposed to sit in the background and do it's job when needed. It doesn't even have a monitor, I use VNC to see "windows". And I don't want to have to manual scan each time I start using this pc.

Therefor avast free seems the best solution for this particular machine however, I don't want the system halted or the files deleted, I just want a report about possible infected files. Which I can then take further action on, as appropriate when I have time, which could be days later.

As I understand it, unless these "infected" files are opened or used the virus can't spread, and avast!'s other shields should prevent this. And considering everything else on my network has it's own anti-virus protection. I don't see why utorrent, can't continue downloading other stuff until I get around to investigating any problems, since the files will just be sitting there. But I could be mistaken, hence this post.

Thanks for your time read (& replying) to this.

Condensed info on using ashQuick.exe:
This seems like the right command to use in utorrent, i.e. the closest match to my ideal above.

"C:\Installation Path\ashquick.exe" /action:chest %D

(note to self: double-check where the "" need to be)
- Although It's not the most efficient as it's going to scan the whole downloads folder on torrents with only one file. I rather it scan more than necessary rather than not enough. As I'm not sure it's going to scan torrents with more than one file properly in I only use %F. Difficult to test with as ashquick has no output unless it finds something.
- utorrent is probably going to start downloading the file again once it's moved to the "chest".

Reference posts & selected quotes:
That's right, we have removed uTorrent from the default settings as we're unable to efficiently cover it and still prevent the CPU usage spikes (that take place when downloading especially large files).

quoted from Igor (avast dev):

    Right now, the following command-line switches are (= will be) supported:
    /silent - don't display anything even if malware is found (the difference is only in the return code available to the program that launched ashQuick)

    Note that:
    - ashQuick always stops scanning when a first malware is found - that's the one displayed in the final message. So, the fact that the final message shows some "less critical" malware ([PUP], [Susp]) doesn't mean there isn't any worse inside if the file is an archive.
    - the action (delete, chest) always works with the whole file, no matter if it's an archive or not.
    - we'd really like to avoid turning this simple tool into another full-featured scanned, with the same options as the usual GUI-based scans
"c:\program files\Alwil Software\Avast5\ashQuick.exe" /action:chest %1