Author Topic: [Site Blocking] Howto block site with secure connection (https) websites  (Read 1706 times)

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When i type in URL to block : then will be*  ==> normal then will be*  ==> normal
* then will be **  ==> normal
but if i type : then will be http://*
howto fix this to*
or this need a patch?

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You can't do it as the site blocking uses the web shield to display a custom web page for blocked sites (not the original site page). Since the web shield only monitors http traffic and not https sites/traffic then it won't be monitoring that connection so it can't block.

You could try using the HOSTS file to block the site as that would work for the domain or you could also try using your firewall (depends on what it is) to block the domain.
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I know for a fact that *facebook* works!  Please let me know if this pattern does not work for you, please!


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the HOSTS file is just for new user to block websites. he can edit/delete it to continue.
I will try firewall to do this. Thanks.
You know what i want   :D
*facebook* is one of it.
But this this it will passed.