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Using Web Scanner with html email
« on: April 09, 2005, 06:53:23 PM »
Just a note on setting up the Avast! web scanner to enable scanning of the http links that end up inserting data in your html email.  IE connection settings are used by many other programs for setting up internet access.  If you use an http proxy to in IE connection settings, many other programs web traffic will be scanned by the web scanner, since the avast! restriction to well known browsers is in the redirect component, which you are bypassing.  Programs affected include OE, so your http links in email will be scanned by avast!.  A number of other programs also get redirected by this.  So far I have found Microsoft AntiSpyware, Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005, Quicken 2005, Weather Pulse, and the manual Avast! update program affected-for some reason the automatic avast! update still defaults to port 80.  To accomplish mail scanning in TB, go to tools/options/advanced/connection settings and set the http proxy to  So far seems to be working well, but there still may be a few quirks in some of the programs.  Note you may get some new popups from your firewall asking permission to access for the programs affected.
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