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Re: Avast Personal Vs Kaspersky Personal 5
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2006, 12:33:52 AM »
My definition of a second tier AV has to do with detection rates. The single best and most objective test organization is AV Comparatives. It is obvious which AVs are rated Advanced +, Advanced, and Standard. It is purely detection rates, and that is an objective number.

Well, I can't agree with this statement.
Av-comparatives (and most other test institutions) only test one part of the AV products, namely the on-demand scanner. But the product consists in a number of other important parts, such as

- on-access scanner (with or without some proactive/heuristic/behavioral blocking features)
- mail/web scanner (with or without some proactive/heuristic/behavioral blocking features)
- updater (the speed/reliability of updates is very important)
- healing of inftected systems

etc. This is why I think that while avast may not be in the first league detection-wise, it has many other advantanges that can make it "first-tier".

As to Wilders, do you find that I have zeroed in on Avast? If so post a few lines where I have been unfair. I  enter into the discussions as I think I can add something or ask questions, or contribute.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to say you were bashing avast...

I recommend that you quickly close threads that either start or begin to make a comparison of AVs.

No reason to do that, they show that avast is continuously improving... ;)

BTW I didn't remove your previous post - it must've been some other mod. Sorry... :-\

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Re: Avast Personal Vs Kaspersky Personal 5
« Reply #16 on: June 12, 2006, 12:43:23 AM »
Hi Vik,

I did not even notice the removal, but I would not  have been offended. As a mod you have the right to do as you think best for the forum.

I wrote a review of Avast in the not too distant past. I am reproducing it here. I think that will show that I have respect for Avast regardless of how I may be coming across.

    For several years I have recommended Avast Home to those who want to get rid of Norton, and do not want to pay for an AV. I have used it some, and currently have it on my laptop. My own experience is that it downloads and installs without incident, the updates are also without problems, scan times are short, it is compatible with all my programs, and none of us have had an infection.

    I also am using KAV6 on my desktop, and there is no question in my mind that KAV and NOD32 and others have a higher detection rate than Avast. However, the area in which AV Comparatives shows that Avast falls short is in the area of trojan, and other detection. I am persuaded that Avast in combination with a good AT, such as Ewido Plus, provides as much real world security as the others for those of us who are safe surfers.

    Avast is a great AV. What more can one ask that to go for months and even years with no infection. That is the proof of the pudding as far as I am concerned.

Added: May 8th 2006 End Quote

Hope there are no hard feelings to date. I have none, and hope also that folks can discuss disagreements without making them pesonal.

In the spirit of wanting to contribute and not be detrimental I will refrain from such discussions in the future. I'll pretend I do not see such questions. ;D ;D

How about that?
ADDED. The review was posted at Castle Cops. Maybe I am not consistent since I am using another AV, but I still hold to that review.

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Re: Avast Personal Vs Kaspersky Personal 5
« Reply #17 on: June 12, 2006, 01:11:02 AM »
Hello JerryM,

There is no way in comparing apples and pears. That is so for AV solutions as well. I see AV as part of a total solution, and I am opportunistic enough to use what kind of scanning gives me a good result. Avast is at the basis of this, and the basic line here is. It has kept me free of malware period.
I have used Norton in the past, and experienced a lot of things I would not like to wish an end-user to experience (slow-ups with certification-verifying problems, while some-one loaded the wrong database). DrWeb's heuristics make me jittery, that is the only part of that AV that gives me the creeps (FP on things like toolbarcop, and other normal anti-malware tools). On the other hand their plug-in for scanning every hyperlink inside a browser, that could connect you to malware on their very frequently updated servers in St.Petersburg is the work of a genius (cannot live without that service now). I also welcomed Siteadvisor, I use the online scanner by Bitdefenders (like it a lot to have a montly scan there), and still use McAfee' free stinger.exe for instance.
But in a total solution of multi-layered protection Avast is a good and reliable product. But believe me those who understand the protection of malware swear by their own brew of protection measures of which avast is the axis.

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Re: Avast Personal Vs Kaspersky Personal 5
« Reply #18 on: June 12, 2006, 01:13:51 AM »

Yep no hard feelings I guess we just have different view points , I take onboard your review on castle cops .

Take easy


I understand why mods cleared our posts fair play !


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Re: Avast Personal Vs Kaspersky Personal 5
« Reply #19 on: June 12, 2006, 01:19:46 AM »
Yeah I second that polonus ! :)