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Cloud Storage Encryption
« on: June 12, 2013, 08:46:52 AM »
In the light of the revelation of the surveillance that most, if not all of us knew/suspected/expected was happening (ain't ignorance bliss sometimes, reality is harsh), are there any way, or plans for an encryption solution suitable for cloud storages, like DropBox or Google Drive?

Is this something Avast! could make a business case from?

The problem:
Cloud storage, and transfer to and from these, mostly rely on a local mirror, if you encrypt the entire drive, the storage solution has to transfer the entire content of the encrypted volume every time a file is changed.

The need:
Somehow be able to have a solution encrypt a directory (for ease of use), but doing so by encrypting the files within individually, yet transparently handle access to these files.

The caveat:
It kinda defeats the entire idea of universal access to your own data, as for instance web interfaces and mobile devices wouldn't be able to read these files any longer.

The idea:
This is where someone like Avast! could come in, either as an add-on to, or included in their AV packages, as they already have mobile versions that might then provide a wrapper for cloud storages across devices.