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« on: June 15, 2013, 12:53:42 AM »
I went to avast when i was scared. but couldn't figure out how to work it.. I did a bad thing I had to.. use the new yahoo.. they force it. well i called the help board. and the guy told me he needed to see what was happening. DUMB ME gave him password to yahoo. next I saw. he said my system is compromised !
He leaves my yahoo. and goes on my desk top SNOOPING my folders goes in Tec Command folders and PUTS HIM in my Permission! ask me if I bank.. and was zipping open tons of stuff that is DEEP PC stuff. SCARE ME TO DEATH! I have restored my pc. and changed the pass words.. I use crap cleaner daily. BUT on the NEW Yahoo page today. its showing advertising for 3 days ago of a product I shopped for. my pc has been clean for days.. I'm scared..