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I am a newbie at using Avast! so please pardon me if this sounds silly but I need clarification on something reported by Avast! on a Mac.

Avast! reported that one file on the Mac, being an mp3 file, was infected with "WMAWimad [Drp]" which appears in the "Infection details' column of the report. However, this report only displays if the "Detail level" for the report is set to show both "Infections and warnings". If I set the "Detail level" filter to instead show "Infections only", the report shows nothing.

So, on the one hand the WMAWimad [Drp] item is flagged with a red alert icon and and listed in the Infection details column which suggests it is an infection, but, on the other hand, when the "Detail level" is set to show only infections, the item is not displayed which suggests it is not an infection.

How serious is this and why the confusing reporting?

Furthermore, assuming this is a bonafide infection, can I assume it is harmless on the Mac. That is to say, although the Mac is host to the malware, it is also immune to it?

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Re: "Infection only" filter suggests infections are not infections
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  thank you for the notification. This behavior is strange, could you please attach the infected file (you will need to temporarily disable fileshield and webshield for this action) and a screenshot? I will try to reproduce the issue and debug it.