Author Topic: "Actions to take" not working, +: what do the below mentioned entries mean?  (Read 1384 times)

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After an avast! scan, i'm getting the following 3 entries:
(1) C:/Program files/.../Sf.bin
(2) C:/Program files/.../aswCmnlS.dll 
(3) C:/Program files/.../aswFiDb.dll   
Each entry followed by:"error: the system cannot find the path specified"

What do these mean?
Is it safe to delete these entries?

When I choose the "Repair" or "Move to chest" actions, and click "Apply", NOTHING happens!
(Have not tried the Delete option, as i don't know whether safe do so)

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How/why can/should avast take any action on a file that is no longer present.

- Nothing to worry about, those are are files in old virus definitions folders (that \...\ part in the path to the file) and avast is doing some housecleaning to keep the size used on the hard disk to a minimum. This just happens to have occurred between the time you started the scan and it reaching that old defs folder.
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Each entry followed by:"error: the system cannot find the path specified"
how do you delete a file that is not found.   ;)
avast is a antivirus program and will only take action on infected files....this is just a scan error message
infected files are given a malware name when found

files not found error is usually gone if you reboot and scan again

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