Author Topic: "Infection Detected" - I'm being targetted by trojan spam. Help please!  (Read 2858 times)

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One of my email addresses is being targetted by spam email many times a day.  "Avast Mail shield has detected a threat".  I'm on an iMac OSX 10.7.5 and using Mac Mail. Each spam email has a different originating IP address, but all of them have a zipped trojan.  The infection is Win32:Crypt-PWV[Trj].  I'd love to know how to stop this c**p being sent to this particular email address - it's '' where random name can be anything from root to accounts to eric, etc.  This is the latest originator: from [] (port=35381

How do I stop this please?

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Re: "Infection Detected" - I'm being targetted by trojan spam. Help please!
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2013, 08:40:41 AM »
Try to block the sender in Apple Mail. Reply if it helps or doesn't help.

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