Author Topic: Activation of File System Protection, Chat Protection and P2P Protection  (Read 1374 times)

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Yesterday I did not renew Dragon browser. Today I found that my free Avast had disappeared. Why? Are they connected? I downloaded free Avast again but got a warning that the File System Protection, Chat Protection and P2P Protection were not activated. It says the module is not being run for them. I did Resolve and also Turn on Activation and also chose all the programs for scanning downloaded P2P. Nothing was activated. I do not understand. Since my free Avast is in Swedish I am guessing at the terms in English. So please tell me too how I can get my free Avast to be shown in English so I can use the proper terms. Do I have to download it again and specify that it is to be an English version? Free Avast is better than the antivirus program I paid for and I never had any problems with free Avast before. I have therefore highly recommended it and hope it will continue to be the best antivirus program I know of. Thank you for helping.