Author Topic: ADNM issues, reinstalled w/mirror setup, now I have lost deployment task  (Read 11997 times)

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Couldn't log in to ADNM, certificate expired it said. Many tries, reinstalled ADNM as "run-as-administrator". Mirror took forever to setup. Installation completed, ADNM ran for a few minutes but would not update one install that needed VPS update. (I am not sure if a deployment task existed at this point or not.)

While researching that issue, Discovery task no longer found that system, and I removed Avast net client from it (after discovery would not see it). It would find it as "dynamic no agent" even when it still had the agent and was running. So, I moved it to the catalog and tried to deploy the client...but I can't.

Now there is no deployment task and I haven't a clue how to build one. Any ideas are appreciated.
Some messages indicate a mirror not established properly while attempting to create my own task.
DO I need the mirror? Can I bypass  it at this point?

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Re: ADNM issues, reinstalled w/mirror setup, now I have lost deployment task
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2013, 11:07:16 AM »
ADNM is outdated..!!

Use ASOA or AEA ->
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