Author Topic: AntiSpam not moving messages to junk mail folder v8.0.1489 Internet Security  (Read 4127 times)

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I found a post or two but nothing recent about this issue. I found posts RE: Version 7 and a Beta version, but no help.

This problem began after the update to Ver 8 but was working prior to that, and working well.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and Outlook 2010, the add-in loads and the the mail is flagged with the message *SPAM* (or whatever I set it to) in the subject line but doesn't move it to the Junk Mail folder anymore.

Am I missing a setting?

I did create a rule to move messages with *SPAM* in the subject line but it is not reliable.

* EDIT * I did manage to get the rule to move the items by modifying the rule . My AVAST marks suspected SPAM with "* SPAM *" and tests for an exact match seemed to fail - probably because you cannot seem to get a space after your "flag" is added - but I tested for "* SPAM" and the rule now works. There is a space after the word SPAM before the asterisk. Not an ideal solution, but so far workable. (Quotes are not part of the flag added. Quotes used here to show values.)

* RE-EDIT * Well not 100% reliable, still... I have to run the rule manually to clean all of it out, but it's an improvement.

Your ideas are appreciated.
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Am having the exact problem and it has been going on for the last several months.  Using the latest update and it is not moving the marked spam messages to the junk folder.   Avast is set to move them to the junk folder.   

Has this been resolved for anyone?


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that is the current version that is running  8.0.1497

Any other suggestions?

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Hi LCecil,
please, enable debug logging in GUI, restart outlook. Recieve any email which is marked as spam and is not moved to junk and send me c:\programdata\avast software\avast\log\asoutext.log. (If you have 64-bit outlook, send asoutext64.log.)

Do you know which account type do you use? Imap, pop, exchange?



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Pop is email.

Do you have a private email can send you the log?


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@ LCecil

Use the email (envelope) icon in petr_matrix's information to the left of his posts, that is his avast personal email.
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Have sent Avast my add on list in Outlook, and was told to upgrade to the v9 beta which I did.   Problem is still the same, nothing has changed.   Spam marked Email does not go to the junk folder.