Author Topic: why doesn't any of this advice work?  (Read 2235 times)

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why doesn't any of this advice work?
« on: April 27, 2005, 03:15:34 AM »
I am getting the avast warning message that a virus has been detected ...i'm using ME and Avast 4.6 Home. the filename of the problem is C:\Program files\toolbar\tbps.exe  and another one has the ending of   \PlB.exe
I read somewhere here that i needed to disable system restore with ME, did that and it only changed the error message from 'access denied' to 'cannot process'
So far, none of the advice has worked, and the rest of the advice is incomprehensible to me.

Avast has identified the virus/worm as Win32:Trojan-gen. {Delphi}

Is there anybody out there who knows, actually knows how to deal with this software and this virus?

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Re: why doesn't any of this advice work?
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2005, 03:27:09 AM »
Can you boot on safe mode (pressing F8 while booting) and scan your system there?
Will it help?
Did you try to run avast cleaner? (
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