Author Topic: Apps quit unexpectedly after installing Avast [avast broke my macbook]  (Read 1754 times)

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Hello all

Yesterday I installed Avast MAC on my Macbook Air. Everything worked fine until I turned the computer on today again. Some apps will not open and when I try to open them it says it can not be opened [that it has quit unexpectedly] and that I can ignore it or try to reopen. Trying to reopen will not help.

Apps that do not work are Safari, App Store, Help viewer, dashboard etc. Other browsers do work though like Chrome and Firefox.

I can not even open Avast itself, it says it has quit unexpectedly like the others.

What have I tried? I have tried to uninstall Avast by removing the app through Finder. Problem still exists. I tried reinstalling but the error that it has quit unexpectedly shows as soon as I start installing. I even tried to turn off Web and File Shield by clicking on Avast preferences by right clicking the icon. No help. I have also tried to find Avast leftovers by found none.

What do I do?
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