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Avast UI screen stuck in maximized mode
« on: August 08, 2013, 02:10:12 AM »
Not sure if this is a Windows issue or an Avast issue, but the problem is only happening with the Avast User Interface window.  Basically, it is stuck in the maximized window mode.  When the window is open it fills the whole screen and I can't even get to the tray on the bottom of the screen (running Windows XP Pro, service pack 3).  I have only an option of closing the window or minimizing it in the top right side of the window.  When the window is minimized I only have the options to Restore, Maximize (both of which bring it back to the maximized state) or to close the window.  The Move, Size and Minimize options are greyed out.  Close works, but when the window is opened again it is maximized again.  I tried rebooting but the window is still stuck in the maximized state. 
Does anyone know of some setting that can be changed (maybe something in the registry?) that will allow me to resize the window back to something less than full screen?
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Re: Avast UI screen stuck in maximized mode
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 05:00:17 AM »
I messed around a bit more and found that running the Fix option for the Avast program (control panel - Add/Remove Programs) the program then opened up with a large window, but the cursors changed to arrows at the edge of the window to allow me to resize the window smaller.  The program appears to be remembering this smaller window size when I reopen the UI window the next time.  Looks like this problem is solved.

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Re: Avast UI screen stuck in maximized mode
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2013, 07:30:04 AM »
hi dreamer234,

Thanks for sharing.  Often fix or repair will fix the issue, especially if the problem you noted does not appear elsewhere in the operating system.  It'd be a different story if your issue showed up elsewhere and all windows were affected in a similar way.

Hint:  If you should ever consider the need to do a System Restore in case of a problem (could be anything) always untick "Enable avast! self-defence module" first before proceeding with a System Restore.  Will save you a lot of headache if you do this first.  Always tick the protection box again when (after rebooting and now) done and close.   Avast!>Settings>Troubleshooting

See attached below.
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