Author Topic: Webshield conflicts with Zone Alarm and Windows MediaPlayer updates  (Read 2458 times)

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I hope someone can help.

With webshield activated I cannot access Zone Alarm updates or Windows mediaplayer 9 updates. To access these updates I have to go to connection tab in Internet properties and clear the box for uses a proxy server for this connection which is at Updates will come through OK then. I then reset the proxy settings to activate webshield again. Is there anything I can do regarding settings to rectify this problem.

I run Windows98SE, IE6, ZoneAlarm (Free), Avast 4.6.652 home edition

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How do you access the updates, exactly? From your web browser (if so, what is the exact URL?) or via the program's user interface?

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I access the updates via the program's user interface both for Zone Alarm and WindowsMedia Player. Any idea how this update problem can be resolved?

Thank You

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