Author Topic: WiFi Routers: Not a means to protect your network and your digital assets  (Read 1182 times)

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So FINALLY its being addressed that the routers we are given at the consumer level ARE NOT a means to protect your network and your digital assets.  Maybe now we can get some ACTUAL protections at the end user levels.  Dont get me wrong, I protect all my devices with Avast... minus my router of course.

Bravo to TP-Link (think I will be checking them out once again, they had the only Wifi router Iv used with a physical ON/OFF switch for the radio.  But regardelss, Im tired of companies like Cisco knowing about an exploit on a product THEY STILL SALE ON THER SITE yet havent offered updates for some time.  And who is to know the motives of internet handle known alternative FW writers; such as DD-WRT and Chillfire.  Im not saying right off they mean us all harm in a paranoid rant but we cant assume they dont either... if they want to come public with their identities and such then Kudo's.

But basically, I think we all need to start pestering our router manufacturers to contnue updates for more than the 1 or two years we get now days.  My last has a lifespan of update support of 1 year even though its warranty was for longer. WTF!?!

What most have been content to call security has only been user-friendlyness posing as security.  All in an effort to not have to take calls to set up the router a manufacturer designed.  This is why we need to start paying WAAY more attention to things like this and Andriod inconsistencies/basic vunerabilities.  If its simply allowed as acceptable behavior right now then we are doomed to prevent it from affecting us tomorrow.