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Recieved email
« on: October 04, 2003, 03:25:51 AM »
 I was suggested to create a new post so here it is.

 Yesterday I received 2 emails from whomever that the subject: avast! 4 <<<the exact spelling.

 Within the message in which Avast caught was this.

message 1

X-x: TimeOut
X-x: TimeOut
X-x: TimeOut
X-x: TimeOut+OK
Subject: avast! 4

Suspicious extension(s) of attachment
 * q469482.exe

Sender:  "Security Bulletin" <>
Recipient:  "Client" <>
Subject:  New Update ScanMail has detected a virus!

 This seems to be the worm thats running the net recently.

 Message 2

 X-x: TimeOut+OK
Subject: avast! 4

Suspicious extension(s) of attachment
 * bjoujxm.exe
Content-Type doesn't correspond with attachment's extension
 * bjoujxm.exe - audio/x-wav
<iframe> tag found, it may be dangerous

Sender:  "microsoft message system" <>
Recipient:  "Email Receiver" <>
Subject:  returned mail ScanMail has detected a virus!

 Again it seems to be the worm(swen). I did notice that the detections were a different box instead of the usual one that detects incoming viruses. I didn't see anything that stated it was coming from this system and returning back to my own system as infected but rather it did allow myself to delete it. I did notice the other day that when trying to delete the worm that I was getting (swen) that it had either gave up and finally closed itself after asking it to delete it many of times. I haven't received any emails from people complaing of getting any viruses from my system which I maintain closely.

 What concern myself was the subject line of avast! 4 and if it isn't a newer worm that is using the avast! 4 name to go after the antivirus software.

 On another note:
 I have tried many of times to register the software with the knowledge that I would receive a email within a short time with the key code. I'm counting down to day 40 and have submitted my actual name and address along with a valid email address.

 I have been fully updated today and have scan the system with no viruses and have scanned on previous updates.

 Thanks for reading,

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Re:Recieved email
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2003, 04:38:14 AM »
Thanks for your information Skelator.
Remember that Microsoft do not send e-mails with updates (all of them are hoaxes or another kind of trap...  >:(

For worm (swen) see:

and avast! foruns:;action=display;threadid=1356;start=msg7695#msg7695;action=display;threadid=1335;start=msg7582#msg7582;action=display;threadid=1340;start=msg7577#msg7577;action=display;threadid=1348;start=msg7558#msg7558;action=display;threadid=1231;start=msg7523#msg7523;action=display;threadid=1096;start=msg7382#msg7382;action=display;threadid=1296;start=msg7111#msg7111;action=display;threadid=1282;start=msg7014#msg7014

Swen is a really anoying worm  :'(
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