Author Topic: [false positive] Avast detects Brothers - A Tale of two sons as Win32:Evo-gen  (Read 1718 times)

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This seems to have started since the 130905-1 Avast definitions.  Which is funny because version 130905-0 falsely detected my Brother HL-4150CDN BrYNSvc.exe being a FileRepMalware, but once 130905-1 that issue disappeared, but now constantly (if I do not put Brothers - A Tale of two sons in exclusion of scanning) every update has been falsely identifying the Brothers.exe as Win32:Evo-gen [Susp].  I have tried to submit the file on the avast website as a false positive, but the fact the file is 37mb and the online form does not accept files that large. 

Maybe I'm just one of the few PC owners of this game (since it originally was pushed for Consoles) but even with 130907-1 (after removing Brothers.exe from the exclusion rule) Avast wants to flag the file and lock it away in the Virus Chest.

This just has been really annoying the last few days.

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You can upload and report FP to avast  here:

you can also use mail

send to in a password protected zip file
mail subject:  False Positive
zip password:  infected

or you can send files from avast chest
how to use the chest.


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Submitted via email as instructed.  When trying to submit file from within Virus Chest no dialog appears, but I have submitted with the same form when Avast first flags the file.