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Avast HIGH CPU usage
« on: October 03, 2013, 06:59:50 PM »
Hi there,

Been using avast for personal use for a LONG time. (In fact, I didn't even know I had a account at this forum already till I tried to re-regsiter  ;) ). During all my many years of use, it has always been a very lightweight program.

As a result I recommended it as a replacement A/V for a school I work at. Set up the Console on the server, deployed the clients, all appears to be going well. All clients installed without issue, grabbed the license, and read the defs from the mirror (which is also the server holding the console, only one DC in the school). There is no internet access to the clients (if that matters)!

I recently have run into an issue where Avast spikes between 50-100% of CPU when doing operations such as... copying files from network locations, installing programs, etc. I right clicked on the recycle bin and hit empty and it locked up as well!

I did my bit of googling, but was unable to resolve it. When it spikes, the icon is not spinning (and yes, it is set to spin when scanning), so I don't suspect it being a scan of the file(s). I tried dumping the process (right click on process, create dump), but keep getting errors. The process spiking is AvastSVC (running under system).

Only shields running (or installed) are behavior, files, and network.

What would the next steps be? Is there some logs I could upload?

Note: We do also use a program called Impero, however it is in the global exclusions list.