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Factory reset protection
« on: October 04, 2013, 08:28:42 AM »
I´m stacked in an unusual issue. I have a Galaxy Nexus unlocked rooted with android 4.3.

I have used Avast Mobile security with no problem since ICS version of android. I also have Avast Anti-Theft activated.

Three weeks ago my device went in boot loop that I can only stop after taking off battery.

After lock screen I even can’t access configuration screen to check settings (screen opens e closes immediately).

After many trying I discovered that if a disable Anti-Theft and turn off it as administrator of the device I could access configuration screen. But boot loop continues.

A lot of other trying and I managed to stop boot loop after turning off wifi and taking off SIM card.

My device was useless this way but I could turn on ADB USB debug option and try to factory reset the phone.

Since then I tried to the following methods of factoring reset without success:
1.   Restore a nandroid backup present in the internal sdcard, that seems to be successful   (no error messages) but has no effect;
2.   Using WUG’s Nexus Root Tool kit to flash stock back;
3.   Hard reset using option present in a screen that appears after press power and volume up buttons, from fastboot screen;
4.   Pushing stock rom zip via adb interface (download mode) and using adb sideload option;
5.   Pushing stock rom zip via adb interface (download mode) and using custom recovery (CWM and TWRP) to flash it to the device;
6.   Erasing and flashing back system, radio, userdata and recovery partitions via fastboot interface;

All these methods didn’t succeeded. I still have my device the way it starts boot looping, and most important, with all the files that was present in the sdcard at the moment the problems started. The ones that I pushed into to try to recover partitions are lost after a reboot.

That means for me that a kind of memory protection is working in my device and I’m guessing if that protection comes from Avast Anti-Theft.  I also used a method described in this forum ( ) to get privileged access to the device and uninstall Anti-Theft apk but that files removed comes back after a reboot.

I really appreciate any idea or hint to help me solve this problem.

Now I’m researching methods of completely rebuild partition table as a way to get rid of that lock, but as it is a complex issue I have a long way to go…
Sorry for the long tread and I would appreciate also hint about android partition tools.