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Question regarding Avast vs Trend Micro
« on: September 18, 2013, 03:09:38 AM »
I am seeking thoughts on Avast anti-virus and the Trend Micro client/server program. I recently did some research and came across some information regarding the Trend Micro program that raised the hair on back of my neck that was not good so it has brought me to this website in hopes I can find out a bit more information.

What I am starting to discover is the free version of Avast seems to be a bit more stable in how it manages issues and keeps track of things especially for a computer that is frequently working across the Internet on a constant basis. I believe what I had read on this testing was Trend Micro allows the virii to come into the system before stoping where the Avast anti-virus software will prevent that tfrom taking place. Now I am trying to determine how true this is and if there is something else I need to be concerned about.

The system I would be using this on has documentation I do not want damaged so it will require doing fancy backing up onto another piece of hardware and/or burning onto a CD because the documentation cannot be replaced by material or the time spent working on it. Between family matter and a college dissertation that is still underway it is extremely valuable.

At any rate, I'm very cautious and have started to ask questions, a lot of questions; which is what brought me here especially after seeing the few comments and videos of testing between the two anti-virus software programs. I'm just a concerned person trying to ensure my system is protected and all the items within are going to be protected. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and feedback on the comparison between Avast free version (the latest) and Trend Micro Security Agent client/server anti-virus.

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Re: Question regarding Avast vs Trend Micro
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2013, 06:00:53 AM »