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Probable False Positive
« on: November 16, 2013, 10:28:16 AM »
I got an alert this morning on doing a full scan but went to the online multi virus scan scan recommended in the sticky (, as the .pdf file in question had been there for two years without giving any response.
The multi scan site gave zero hits for malware, so I believe it to be probable that it is a FP. I assume that I can exclude it from future scans.
Would you wish to have it available to review? If so how should I go about it?
For information the header of the multiscan report is shown below.


File Name :      trick or treat 11(Generic Police Force).pdf
File Size :      1029329 byte
File Type :      PDF document, version 1.4
MD5 :      b04c707e11b05bfa7539563e9d56fba4
SHA1 :      856e29b0ca3edf78f6682d89f37d973a571f866f
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