Author Topic: avast8 suite, want to say use expenrice i dislike  (Read 1632 times)

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avast8 suite, want to say use expenrice i dislike
« on: October 08, 2013, 12:20:10 PM »
at first, my En is really sucks, hope i can make it clear

1. the useless welcome tab.
those function|components i chose didn't install, but still show block-type buttons in UI, i don't know what it for.
you even add 'promote ad' with a "Market" botton on UI, nothing to do with computer secure.

2. Secure VPN
when setup it is a component show to be "安全线", at that time i was wondering what the X is that. "安全线" without any meaning will relate to wifi protection. In addition, it need another fee change to active. When installing, couldn't notice any claim on it.

3. firewall
program rules without purge function. after uninstall program or some what, user need to delete those un-worked rules by himself.
In program rules list, programs group by differ software provider. can't delete a group if dir not empty, have to delete every rules inside 1 by 1.

firewall default strategy 'self judge', firewall don't ask me but just allowed almost all program out-going (except Opera browser update checking exe), i don't think avast could recognise so many program that i use.

so i tried strategy 'ask user',
But it is terrible, pups up query form so many times beacause program link to different address (when open Opera browser, it will visit some address).
Regard to other best firewalls, will have their "white list" database. a couldn't recognise program outgoing, 1 protocol just ask user once.

your firewall program rule add on steps:
1) find the program file 2) generate a new program default rule & applyed 3) could user-defined.

oppose to that, other firewaill program rule add on steps:
1) find the pending program file 2) user choose pre-set or user-defined 3) click 'OK' to add on & apply