Author Topic: False positive, can't submit, also auto aborts connection on download =/  (Read 1327 times)

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I downloaded Rollback RX and Avast 2013 detects ShdServ.exe as Win32:Evo-gen[Susp]
So Avast auto abort my connection (Why is this the default action?) It should be set to ask..
I was wondering what the hell was going when when just as my download finished it just aborted. =/

So I set the default action to ask and download again and it asks me what action to take,
and the only one option to take is Abort connection =/ Why do I only have one option here? Where is ignore?
Does reporting as a false positive ignore the false positive and subsequently does NOT abort the download?

When I try and report it it auto fills the file info and I have a window for reporting additional info, which I try to do but then I get an error saying
'The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect'

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