Author Topic: DeepScreen Closing my POS software  (Read 1658 times)

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DeepScreen Closing my POS software
« on: October 18, 2013, 10:16:58 PM »
This new 2014 is not going to work for me or my business customers out of the box. My pos software, REGITPOS, which I've used for years is closing out on me. Yes, I was able to add it later to the exclusion list but this will cause a lot of problems with inexperienced users. Regit pos website I am also afraid my business customers with less well-known software will be screaming at me on the phone when their programs close out. Maybe the DeepScreen should not be enabled by default unless Avast during install can explain it and how to test it with a program and exclude it and even report it as a legitimate program.

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Re: DeepScreen Closing my POS software
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2013, 04:09:01 AM »
pjjoe, i may have experienced something similar.. to make a long story short, i noticed that a little program that i use closed, which i have never seen happen before, and i have been using it for years.. after having read your post, i figured "deepscan" had something to do with it..

when i tried to re-open the program, a "deepscan" window popped up, saying "scanning", which took several seconds.. then the program was allowed to open and it has not been shut down again..

that is strange, that "deepscan" would just silently shut down a program that was running..