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Question on download
« on: December 22, 2013, 02:45:07 AM »
I just got a laptop and wanted to down load Avast on it.
I was looking at the different ones and I got the pro antivirus.
A page came up and said 1 download and under it it said 2 download.
I clicked the first download and the run program came up and it
downloaded. Nothing happened after I downloaded it so I clicked
download 2. a box pops up and says " do you want to save this file or
find a program online to open it" then it has find, save and cancel.
I did try saving it but it says the same. I cant download it because of
this. Then the other problem is, I used an email that I can only check it
on one computer thinking that I wouod get a license number to put in.
I got the e mail on the other computer and clicked on the attachment
it said that I updated. I have the free avast on my desktop and it might of
upgraded that when it was the laptop that needs it.  This is a complete
mess and I dont know how to fix it. A little bit of info, my laptop is a lenovo
thinkpad and it has windows vista  home basic. Hopefully someone can help me.

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Re: Question on download
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2013, 03:12:51 AM »
Hi and welcome
This is easier then you may think. First save the avast License File You received (in the Registration email sent to you) to a usb
If the Desk top was upgraded then uninstall The pro version using control panel and then reinstall the free version.
Download and install the Avast PRo latest version on laptop and the when asked if you 'already have a license' click Browse, go to usb and click on your avast license file.


You should be good to go. :)