Author Topic: POSSIBLY RESOLVED! Over the last 2 days I get popups "virus defs update FAILS"!  (Read 1992 times)

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I am running Avast 7.0.1482 Internet Security Suite package (disabled shields, P2P, Antispam, IM)
Windows XP SP3,
(I do not want to update to version9.0.1501 as I see there are people having some major issues with it still and my whole livelihood depends on my computer - it's how i run my business and serve my clients)

Red pop ups read "last attempt to update your virus defs are unsuccessful,to ensure you are protected from the latest threats, try again to update your virus definitions now."  (LINK: Update now)

Virus def update is dated 10/30/2013 version 131030-0 on the Summary page

After the popup says it fails, I update manually and get "Last encountered error: Invalid file signature. Setup will terminate"
THEN underneath it says that engine and definitions are up to date: (current version 131101-1) This is the correct current definitions version #

In Maintenance area it shows engine and virus def current version as 131030-0 (same as Summary page shows)
streaming updates enabled
connection established
latest update received 11/2/2013 (on Summary page it gives me 10/30/13 as last update received)

ALSO on the screen that gives me results when I attempt an update manually it tells me that my program current version is different than what I have.  VERY ODD.
Says:  "Program:  (current version 8.0.1482)"
YET the current version of Avast is listed as 7.0.1482 underneath the Update Program button in Maintenance area and on the Summary page. I have the version 7, not 8.

I have not seen a green successful virus def update popup in 2 days on that computer - only the dark red one telling me it failed.  I then try to do manually and get the error above.  BUT it tells me the defs are up to date. 

Is this some kind of notification issue bug?  How can I resolve it?  Would updating to version 9 (what is showing is available to update to) clean this up?

There is some kind of glitch going on here and I do not know whether my virus defs are up to date. 

I have no infection.
FYI - I have done a FULL boot scan, nothing was found.
I have done a LONG version Malwarebytes scan, nothing was found.

Note:  I DO have in my virus chest put in on date:  10/12/13 - 2 files that are both that Win32:Evo-gen[susp] - I was not aware of these being put in there, maybe they were then I was blocked from visiting malicious sites last month.  They have been in there since mid October and I didn't even know until i looked in the chest today after the boot scan.  This update bug just began  2 days ago

I am typing on my laptop and it has same version of XP and Avast version and it shows the virus defs current at version: 131101-1 and has had successful auto updates. 

Is this a known issue with notifications?

thank you! :-)
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Re: Help! Over the last 2 days I get popups "virus defs update FAILS"!
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I think i may have figured out why!  My disk was full!  I have NO idea how it filled up, but apparently I used up all the free space.  Firefox couldn't update, Windows update couldn't install... and Avast couldn't update I believe it was due to NO ROOM!  I am removing things I don't use and hoping this clears enough space.