Author Topic: Help please. How can I find the section in avast where it shows I need to renew  (Read 2834 times)

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Basically I need help trying to find the area that shows me on Avast how long I got till I need to renew my license. Reason I am asking this is because a few months back I clicked up date and it changed my whole avast and I don't know how to navigate these type.

here is a screenshot of the version I got now.

So ya where do I click to go that shows me how long I have left until it's renewed. Cause every march I usually renew and it's not been march yet.

And another question does avast automatically bill me because recently 30 bucks has been taken out of my account the site is called nexway and it's suppsodely got something to do with avast. Have I been scammed? does avast usually do this cause I wasn't ready to renew. Maybe this is an illegal site that scammed me idk?

Anyways just please let me know how I can go about finding the section that shows how long I got left to renew because I need to see if it was automatically updated etc. Cause if that's not the case then it seems I might be in trouble. So please let me know guys.

Thank you.

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Settings > Subscription should get you there :)


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The same thing has happened to me and I have contacted Nexway by their contact page and they are telling me that my subscription is going to expire. I told them they have already taken from my paypal account and they are telling me the last payment they received from me was last year. So I sent them a snap shot of my paypal account with their name all over it and if I don't get a renewal licenses soon someone is going to be hearing from me again real soon. I don't know how they got my information. How did Avast let this happen? How many other customers have been hit with this?