Author Topic: Weird case where Win 8.1 isn't starting up properly only some of the time  (Read 2461 times)

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Normally, when I start up my Win8.1 computer, it starts up, in the system tray, I can see the Windows sound and network indicators, then the Realtek sound, avast!, and Steam icons show up, and the computer runs fine.

I've noticed a small fraction of the time, this doesn't happen as it should. The sound and network icons show up, but avast! and everything else never start up. Normally, I restart (or shutdown and then turn back on), and everything gets back to normal. (One time the problem re-emerged after the restart, but then a few minutes ago when it happened, the problem did not re-emerge after a restart). I do not remember what manually starting avast! resulted in, but there was no systray icon.

One thing I have noticed, on a normal start-up if I shutdown right away, Windows does it without issue
On a problem start-up, if I try to shutdown it makes me force close the Task Scheduler or Task Host or something like that. (I am blanking on the word after Task...)

Does anyone know what is going. Moderators at TechSupportForum have been throwing avast! under the bus ( I was wondering, does anyone here have any clue what is going on?