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problem of redirect SMTP port...
« on: March 09, 2014, 04:06:17 PM »
I recently change my ISP.
The new provider is cheaper but have more contraint.
The old provider had a SMTP that i could use for all my email account. The new provider restrict their SMTP to they email domain only and they advise that port 25 is block.
So i had to use another SMTP. So i switch to my work SMTP.
My work provider is a non secure SMTP (no login, no password) but they use another way to secure the SMTP. They accept request on port 25 and 587

I struggle for a few weeks trying to configure the SMTP. I realize that the port 587 was reassign to the block port 25. I could not figure why.

I solve my problem when i deactivate the output email filter in the email agent.

I enjoy the quiet of avast. But in this case, i would had have less problem with a small message from Avast informing me on the port change.

Thank you.