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Avast Free-side by side error
« on: November 07, 2013, 01:56:29 AM »
I'm running a windows 8 laptop with avast-i've noticed today that Avast wasn't running, so I tried to boot it using avastui.exe, this is the error I get:
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\avastui.exe
The application failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe for more detail.
I searched the web for this error, and some people said they have this because they used to have an antivirus on their computer but they uninstalled it and replaced it with avast. But I've only used avast on this computer, only avast and malwarebytes. I tried to repair avast through the control panel, but it froze my computer at the last part, installing definitions, and my computer got the blue screen with the error ''KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR''. I've had one problem with avast before, it wasn't updating and it said ''broken package''. So I uninstalled avast using the uninstaller... and now I can't start it. I'm thinking of reinstalling it again.

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Re: Avast Free-side by side error
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2013, 08:14:46 PM »
Blue screens are, generally, related to other installed antivirus applications or other antivirus not fully uninstalled.
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Then, I suggest an installation from scratch:

1. Download the latest version of avast! Uninstall Utility and save it.
2. Download the latest avast! version and save it.
3. (Optional) If you want, save your avast! settings for later restoration (Settings > Maintenance > Back up).
4. Uninstall avast! from Control Panel (if possible) and reboot.
5. Run the avast! Uninstall Utility saved on 1 in and follow the instructions. Reboot Windows in Safe Mode, uninstall avast! and then reboot in Normal Mode again.
6. Install avast! using the setup saved on 2. Register your free copy or add the license key for the paid versions. Boot.
7. Check and post the results.

Please, be patient, boot when it's said to boot...
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