might there be a way to get firewall activated ?

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not likely
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maybe with even older version apk
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Author Topic: firewall activation fails, says need more permissions  (Read 2258 times)

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firewall activation fails, says need more permissions
« on: July 03, 2022, 01:51:11 PM »
 i'm using an android version no longer supported by most companies. Android 4.1.2. I found certified safe downloads website old apk for Avast Antivirus and Security free that says for Android 4.1.2. Used pc to which has paid for subscription Avast Premium to download safely and scan file with that works except attempt to activate firewall says failed due to needing more permissions. During install on Android I tapped yes to all permissions. In cell settings i set it as one of few administrators added. Looked in all the places net search found what where to go in cell. This android version only seems to allow reset permissions on all apps listed on some of the cell\settings\apps lists where you see downloaded, internal memory, running/cached, all. Haven't found anywhere in cell yet to change what's permissions are needed by Avast. Opening apps from those apps lists only gives options to stop uninstall, clear data, clear cache and few other settings but no referance to permissions other then it shows list of all permissions given to whatever app on lists opened. Nor gear which some sites say find and tap there. This apk details said android 4.1.2+ and is dated Mar 2016. There are older apks back to around 2012. Anyone know if I'm missing where and how to change such permissions settings for individual apps ??

I am a registered Avast paid subscriber for Avast Premium, Avast Premium Cleanup and Avast VPN, in my Windows 10 Pro desktop PC. I can't yet afford a new smartphone on my retired lowish income. In time I may figure out that $500-$1000 cell cost or $70/mth 2 yr contract with local Mobility provider. In meantime attempts to defraud me from fraudsters on net and PC Avast blocked PC access attempts prompted to try old free Avast Mobile in cell even though retired i don't go out or use cell much other then daily wake up get up alarm clock except odd time I don't feel like getting up I'll use cell in bed to post in FB so family knows I'm more or less okay. ;-)

So no big deal I guess. My PTSD tends to make my usual over thinking more lol. ;-)

I'm womdering if Avast could in consideration of my 3 Avast PC paid app subscripts, could authorize me free Avast Mobile and Cleanup to be assigned to the unused Avst Premium and Clean up available muti-use registrations of those ??

Customer Support ??

Still haven't got Mobile Firewall to get enough permissions to activate.
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