Author Topic: Weekly 'Full Scan' intermittantly Stalling & Jamming on different files.  (Read 1203 times)

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Hi, I've used Avast on laptops for several years, originally on a XP machine. This machine is an ASUS Intel Centrino Duo originally running Win Vista Home Premium and now running the 'Upgrade version of Win7' so it still has a lot of Vista.
I run a full deep scan every Sunday morning at 3 am and have set it to shutdown the laptop when it finishes. That way the laptop is turned off at least once a week.
Every two to three weeks recently the weekly full scan stalls and jams on a file, never the same one.
Please help with suggestions or a fix.
2 files attached showing the scan jams. The earlier one shows some details, the one from today shows no details at all.