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avast problems
« on: November 19, 2013, 08:42:39 PM »
I have a BIG problem.
Avast blocked a program recordservice.exe a program I have used for at least 5 years, it was not possible to stop the blocking, and now I can't start that program, no matter I install it again.
I tried to find somewhere in Avast where to reverse that blocking but I can't find anything anywhere.
The Ie tried to reinstall Avast, but that is not possible , nothing happens.
Then I tried the same things in safe mode, where I am now, that is also not possible?
Nobody can watch TV in my house as along as I can not start that program so what do I do?
Hopefully I don't need to reinstall Windows.. :-\
It also don't tried to stop all shields, or stop Avast completely.
It's a Win 7 PC, I have used Avast for something like 10 years, but lately it has begun to block too much, software I have used for years.. among others also a program called VideoRedo.
Sorry if I sound a little desperate, but if no solution very fast, I HAVE to begin to reinstall Windows, but do I dare to install Avast again?
It simply is too agressive..

Problem solved: installed Avira


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