Author Topic: For People w/ Google Drive Issues (Storage, Connecting, Authenticating)  (Read 3226 times)

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I had many problems with backing up.

Kept getting notifications saying Drive Folder could not be found, maximum storage reached (when it wasn't), invalid credentials, authentication errors and connecting to server errors.

I disabled and reconfigured through Avast's web portal and on app, as well as uninstalled multiple times.

What seemed to have worked for me is turning off Google's 2-Step Verification. I think for me (and possibly others), there is some type of connection issue when having Google's 2-Step verification enabled, probably due-to the inability of Avast to constantly connect freely without verification.

After turning that off 2-Step, I:
-disabled GDrive through Avast's web portal
-uninstalled and reinstalled app
-reconfigured everything.

Haven't had a notice or error since.


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I do not have 2 step verification on. And most of the other suggestions are for items I do not use or do not have turned on. I have few things on Google Drive/G+ and Gmail. I have read through many threads on the topic of "maximum storage space" inhibiting the back up and yet to see any response by Avast. I will double check all my settings, but I'm going to open a ticket. Has anyone actually done that?