Author Topic: Anyone using Avast! version 9.0.2007 ?  (Read 1202 times)

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Anyone using Avast! version 9.0.2007 ?
« on: November 25, 2013, 06:04:54 PM »
Hi, I hope almost everyone had updated their program to the latest version. However, if there are some of you who didn't and are still on version 9.0.2007, I would be grateful if you could do me a favor!

Thing is, avast 9.0.2008 is messing around with a java applet and not letting it to connect to server. The culprit was determined to be the Webshield!

Good thing was, avast 9.0.2007 solved the same problem which existed in v9.0.2006. But something might have went wrong with the later version all of a sudden.
According to avast (, replacing a particular file (ashWebSv.dll) would have solved the problem.
I never tried but I think, the idea is good. Since the patch provided by avast is old and is not working on my system, I think the file from v 2007 might solve it.

Therefore, if anyone using v2007, could you please, provide that particular file? Thanks
You'll find this in avast directory with the name (ashWebSv.dll)!

P.S: I hope the request is legitimate, since avast is not responding to the ticket lodged. If not, then do let me know and provide a solution to the problem.
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