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new member here, and would like to say hello to everyone.

(i posted under different area and was directed to post here since i use an imac, so below is the problem).

i am using an old imac with os x version 10.9 and apple's latest operating system.

yesterday doing an internet search i clicked on and my avast software shield displayed saying infection detected with this information below:

infection JS:Redirector-BDP Trj
URL. zoneid=6&target=_blank&cb=963

i did a full system scan with avast and it did not show the infection, and the virus vault remained empty, but what i typed above was in the web history activity, so i know i still  have the infection.

i need to also know until this is cleaned and removed from my imac, will this infection redirect me to other web sites unknowingly, and am i at risk?

i am elderly, partially blind, disabled, and on a fixed small income and i am not imac savvy and have no idea how to clean this out of my imac.

 i would greatly appreciate step by step help from avast experts if at all possible, and thank everyone in advance, and hope they have a happy holiday.

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The warning means it detected the infection on the webpage, and as such it blocked it, your machine was not infected, this is what is suppose to do, it detected a virus, blocked it and then informed you of that.

What exists in the web history is just the address of the infection not the infection itself.