Author Topic: AMS 3.0.7800 Beta report  (Read 1152 times)

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AMS 3.0.7800 Beta report
« on: August 16, 2014, 07:07:07 AM »
Note: I'll be posting this to the G+ community page too.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus WiFi+3G GT-P6200
Android version: STOCK Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ROOTED
Avast version: 3.0.7800

It's been 42 hours since I've installed AMS and everything is running smoothly although battery consumption is a bit high now because of the new File Shield feature. The File Shield feature is great indeed but it is not recommended for mobile devices running on battery.

1. After updating from stable to beta, I noticed that the File Shield component is disabled by default.
2. I loved the old UI and I love the new UI too but it'd be nice to include Settings in the list of interface icons under Network Meter perhaps?
3. Updates and Avast Account should be one or do you plan on making your Avast Account's linked devices accessible through AMS like its Windows sibling?
4. I noticed that it doesn't recognize that I am already connected to an Avast Account! ( It says: "Sign up for free avast! Account" but when clicked on it, it shows that I am already connected. (
5. Shouldn't Anti-Theft update its interface to match the new UI?

Things I've tested:
1. Scanning apps and whole storage.
2. Anti-Theft.
3. Firewall.
4. File Shield: removal of a PUP (Facesniff). (

Possible bugs:
1. When trying to mark the tablet as lost using the Avast web portal, the tablet doesn't receive the command immediately! I have to open the Anti-Theft component and then it gets locked etc. FYI I am having this problem while on WiFi or 3G and both are always working good, also my friend who owns a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android KitKat 4.4.2 (his device is linked to my Avast account too) receives the command immediately.

2. After unlocking the device by entering the PIN code, it shows strange behavior like WiFi keeps turning on whenever I try to turn it off and when I press the power button to lock the device, the screen turns off but the device stays unlocked!
Also when I click on the Avast notification icon to open the app, the device then gets locked showing me the lockscreen!

- I've been having these annoying bugs with the stable version too
- I've been using before an Android KitKat 4.4.4 custom ROM and still had the same bugs. So maybe the Android version doesn't matter, maybe it's the device itself?
- Please, consider my only feature request:
- Thank you for your hard work developing such a great and free product that I proudly use :)