Author Topic: Old bug in Firefox 1.0.4 raise again (by Secunia 6/6/05))  (Read 3245 times)

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Old bug in Firefox 1.0.4 raise again (by Secunia 6/6/05))
« on: June 08, 2005, 11:51:05 PM »

 The same for Mozilla 1.7.8 and Camino 0.8.4

Safe Test:

Test Your Browser

Open a trusted site, this could be a bank, ecommerce site, windowsupdate etc. In this example, we have used Microsoft Developer Network. First, click the link below and leave the new window open, then click back to this window.

Click Here:

Please note, for this example to work in Opera, the browser has to identify itself as "Mozilla" or "Internet Explorer", because "" will not return the same content if Opera identifies itself as Opera.

After the other window has been opened, it is possible for another site to inject a page into the "trusted" site's frameset. In our example, we inject content from into

Click Here:
Inject into

Now, open the window from (Opened in step 1), and if your browser is vulnerable, content from Secunia will be displayed in one of the frames.

This test does not work in Mozilla, FireFox, and Camino when opening the web pages in a new tab instead of a window.

Exploitation can easily be made "automatic". However, since this example only serves as a test to give users an understanding of how it works, we have chosen not to do so.