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On my SONY Z11 laptop (2010) with OS windows 7 professional 64 bits, I have installed avast free version for 3 years. The software is registered. Now I have only the version 6.0.1466.

Tomorrow , I have discovered that the avast  icon was not good : red cross over it.
So I try to install the last virus definition => OK but red cross again.
After,  I try to update the programme : avast_setup.exe take minutes with 100% CPU usage  so I have to reboot without let him finished !

But, I have noticed that on my windows XP desktop, I have got the version 8 and no problem !
So the issue is the no installation of avast program update !

For information, for 6 months or more, I think that trustedinstaller.exe is blocking some software installation like games or windows update. Some windows update are ok, but  some no... like windows 7 SP2 for example !

Tomorrow, after rebooting during attempt of installing avast update, the computer was sticked into a reboot loop with blue screen (error : 0x0000007e).

So, during a reboot, I press F8, try to run in safe mode : on screen,  lines of drivers are appeared, reboot just after the line ASWRVRT.SYS
After Reboot, F8, I try repair but nothing better, reboot again...
After Reboot, F8 : If I try to entering in command prompt, but the computer are rebooting always without give me access to the command prompt.

Solution to reboot in normal mode : I have to reboot on my CD Recovery Disk windows 7 of my laptop.
F8 , entering in command prompt mode.
So I have to rename all files listed here :



And miracle ! I can reboot in normal mode !!!!!!!

But, AVAST is OFF !

What can I do to let avast install ?
Why trustedinstaller was wrong?
Do you know what to do ?
Some people tell me to upgrade windows 7 with a DVD SP2 install ?


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If you have got your computer running without avast. Download asw clear removal tool. Save to desktop and run it.
It will boot you in safe mode.

Un install all versions of avast and reboot each time. Version 6 & 7 & 8 & Version 9 each time.

Any traces on your sony laptop of previous antiviruses that come bundled with your laptop operating system original sony dvd rom install disk.

Some come bundled with Symantec /Nortons 360s & macafees etc that need to be removed before using avast that will conflict
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The OP has stated he has been using avast free for 3 years with no issues until now so a clean install of v9 would be a good course of action.

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@jeugregg: can you please send me ( a couple of your latest minidump files from \Windows\Minidump folder? Thanks!


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nothing in minidump folder


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I have managed to uninstall avast but only by killing the process avast server register .exe ( i don't remember exactly).
Without that, the processus was blocked 25% CPU usage...
After restart, I have run avastclear.exe
Now, I don't have any antivirus


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So, I have installed Avast free 2014.9.0.2008, and it s ok. no problem to reboot.
And I have scanned all my disks. No problem.


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But I can't install WIN 7 SP1