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Avast and Turbo Tax 2013
« on: December 01, 2013, 03:16:49 PM »
Not sure if this will be a problem for me yet, but some have had trouble installing TurboTax while Avast AV is enabled. See info below from Intuit .. hopefully, Avast will fix the definitions so TurboTax does not get flagged or interfered with when it is being installed.

It has also been reported (again) that certain anti-virus software can prevent installation of TTax
(specifically the setup.exe file)

If you are using AVAST anti-virus software, it has been reported (11/2013) that 'AVAST' anti-virus software can prevent successful installation.

You must first temporarily disable Avast (stop it from running --uninstallig is NOT necessary).
Then install TTax.
Then re-start Avast.

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Re: Avast and Turbo Tax 2013
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2013, 03:51:27 PM »
What errors or avast alerts are you getting from avast ?
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Re: Avast and Turbo Tax 2013
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2013, 04:22:33 PM »
I am not at this time (program just ordered) but others at the Turbo Tax site have had issues which Turbo Tax thinks is related to Avast and the TurboTax Setup.exe file. Just passing it along to the virus defs coders to check into.

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Re: Avast and Turbo Tax 2013
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2013, 05:52:04 PM »
Keep in mind also that if you want to run Turbo Tax you'll need the latest Net Framework 4.5.1 for it to run, it could be partly to blame why some are having issues with it.

It was an article about not being able to install the net Framework where I noticed the mentioning of Turbo Tax ( see the first answer paragraph A1 )


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Re: Avast and Turbo Tax 2013
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2013, 11:53:56 PM »
Here is the error message:

"Sorry but your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements. Administrator rights" Appears When Installing on Windows with Administrative Privileges

Disabling avast! shields control is a part of the solution, choose "disable until restart"  You must also close the avast! service, which means 1st going to settings, troubleshooting, and clear the check box "Enable avast! self defense module" then you may disable the service "avast! antivirus"

Now install Turbo Tax, reboot, and DONOT forget to Enable avast! self defense module!

Here is what Intuit says (we are also Intuit Experts):

We have received reports of some Windows users encountering this error message when installing with Administrator privileges. This appears to be caused by installing TurboTax on 64-bit Windows while running Avast antivirus.


We are working with Avast to prevent this issue occurring in the future. In the meantime, to install your TurboTax product, please try the following:

If you are installing from a CD:
1.Press Windows+E to bring up Windows explorer and locate your CD drive.
2.Right-click the TurboTax CD (while it is in the drive) and select Explore.
3.Open the “TurboTax 2013” folder and run "TurboTax 2013 Installer.exe"

For a Download:
1.Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog
2.Type “%temp%” without the quotes into the Open field and click OK, this should bring up Windows explorer in your temporary files directory.
3.Navigate to a folder beginning with "ckz_" and look for a “TurboTax 2013” folder.
4.Open the “TurboTax 2013” folder and run "TurboTax 2013 Installer.exe".

Alternatively, you may use the Search command to find the TurboTax 2013 Installer.exe file if you are having trouble with the above instructions by pressing Windows+S.

We have 100% of the time disabled the avast! shields control, to rule out any avast! issue.  This proves that step is no longer 100% valid!

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