Author Topic: HOW TO FIX HTMllayout.dll / layout.dll PROBLEM!!! on avast 2104 update  (Read 1348 times)

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Hey, this is my first forum discussion ever

got the "cant start program because missing file on my windows, and I searched the internet...... no help!

SO, I figured it out:
1. go to uninstall programs 
 2. click avast to uninstall (don't uninstall completely)
  3. then a avast screen appears that has tells you your going to uninstall, but has orange update, fix, repair buttons on left. 
 4.  click update button, on the following screen there is a big square grey button on the right. press update a few times until it says #s instead of unknown in version box
5. then reopen avast, and you have to finish downloading the new version.... and its fixed!

I hope it works for you...... Craig