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I have to say first that I have used Avast! forever, it has been and always will be my first choice.  However, ... today I updated my version of Avast! to the new Avast! 2014 and tried to for the first time to use Avast! to create a Rescue Disk. This task should have been painless and quick as I have used other types of Rescue Disk creation software in the past and never had issues. My complaint is exactly this....why would the brand new Avast! 2014 tell me that my up to date and fully Microsoft patched version of MSXML Parser 6.0 needs to be uninstalled so that Avast! can install and old and out of date version?  Microsoft makes patches for a reason, and for a security company like Avast! to have their software suggest something like this in their software makes me a little must be an oversight.

Creation of the Rescue Disk fails every time whether I try to make a bootable CD or USB.  If I do not uninstall MSXML off my computer setup halts at this point and I am left with choosing if I want to uninstall MSXML 6.0 and let Avast! re-install MSXML 6.0 and then later updating through windows update.  FYI I do have a degree in software and fully understand that sometimes a software is made with a very specific version of a software and using any other version whether newer or not can break a computer program, however since the software in question comes from Microsoft I cannot believe this is such the case. I also know that it is super easy for the toolkit installer to detect an already present and up to date version of MSXML 6.0 and skip that part of the installation and continue with the installation of the toolkit.

For me the workaround is very simple.  Uninstall...Re-install.  Simple for me and anyone with even the most basic of technical knowledge, but for any Joe Blow or Plain Jane this would be a dead end and leaves them scratching their heads.  Please fix this.

My Specs:
Compaq R4000 Series Laptop
Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3  <-----(Yes I know Windows XP is going the way of the Dinosaurs)----->
2GB Ram



The version of MSXML on my computer is MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 the Avast installer tries to install MSXML 6 (no service pack).  No Problem or at least I thought. I tried to go to Add/Remove Programs and do an uninstall and I guess apparently Microsoft designed the package in such a way that uninstall cannot be done.  So I searched the Microsoft Knowledge base and found and article on  Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server 2005 setup fails if MSXML Core Services 6.0 is installed. This article describes a scenario that is identical to my situation.  Here is that article

Here is what I did:
    1.  I navigated to the Microsoft website mentioned earlier.  Went to the section marked Resolution and I clicked on Let me fix it myself
    2.  Used Method 1 and downloaded the MSXML Fix and extracted the 3 files to my desktop
    3.  Clicked on msxml_fix.vbs (This step will force an uninstall of MSXML 6 from your computer)
    4.  Open Avast! user interface, clicked on tools, clicked on Rescue Disk

This does work and allows Avast! to install MSXML 6 (no service pack) and proceed with the install of the toolkit.
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