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Re: Please help with URL; Mal
« Reply #15 on: December 27, 2013, 02:35:50 AM »
Still getting alerts like this one


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Re: Please help with URL; Mal
« Reply #16 on: December 27, 2013, 02:38:35 AM »
Should I try removing and reinstalling uTorrent to see if that helps?

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Re: Please help with URL; Mal
« Reply #17 on: December 27, 2013, 02:11:19 PM »
Yes, that alerts ...

Well, as avast reports the uTorrent or some torrent in download progress, you'll have to see what's going on, whether it's good or if avast triggers on the application itself. If so, put it in exclusion.

You are malware free.   Posted logs are now appear cleans and show no signs of active infection.

Good workman always cleans up after himself.
The following will implement some post-cleanup procedures:

It is necessary to uninstall ComboFix :
  • Click Start (or ) then Run.

    On Windows7 or Vista you may use Start Search field if Run is not available.

  • In the line of text type in (Copy) the following:
Code: [Select]
ComboFix /Uninstall
    Note that there is a space between " ComboFix " and " /Uninstall " .

    • then click OK (or press Enter ).
    Wait for the uninstall process is complete.

    => Please download DelFix by Xplode to your Desktop.

    Run the tool and check the following boxes below;
    Remove disinfection tools
    Create registry backup
    Purge System Restore

    Click Run button and wait a few seconds for the programme completes his work.
    At this point all the tools we used here should be gone. Tool will create an report for you (C:\DelFix.txt)

    The tool will also record healthy state of registry and make a backup using ERUNT program in %windir%\ERUNT\DelFix
    Tool deletes old system restore points and create a fresh system restore point after cleaning.

    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---

    To help AntiVirus to protect your computer and speed it up, I recommend that you download, install and keep the following free programs:
    1. Keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, update it regularly or from time to time and run a Quick Scan weekly.
    Malwarebytes will detect and remove all traces of known malware. MBAM isn't AntiVirus and it can NOT replace it.

    2. Keep MCShield Anti-Malware, the tool will be updated regularly and perform auto-checking for malware to each attached USB memory device.
    MCShield, has been designed as a lightweight scanner that's smart enough to catch even new worms and work in fully automatic removal mode.

    3. It’s recommended to delete Temporary Files every once in a while. Run the tool and click on the Start button and TFC will begin to clean. Then restart the computer.
    Temp File Cleaner aka TFC by OldTimer
    TFC is small & usefull utility that shall clean up temp files from all userprofiles and system folders.

    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---      ---

    How to protect yourself?
    -  I recommend that you use one of the fantastic opportunities provided by avast! 2014.

    1. Adjust avast! to target PUP software:
    Run avast! 2014 by clicking the system tray icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
    Click on Settings, in the new window that opens, click on Active Protection, then under File System Shield click on gear wheel...
    Under Sensitivity part of option check box for Scan for potentialy unwanted programs PUP.

    2. avast! Software Updater. Run avast!, click on Tools > Software Updater.
    For security reasons, make sure you do update your browser(s), Java, Flash Player, and basically every software you use often.

    3. avast! Browser Cleanup.  Run avast!, click on Tools > BrowserCleanup.
    Browser Cleanup tool is an integrated tool in avast! AV that allows you the control on browsers unwanted addons.

    4. avast! Malware Scan. Run avast!, click on Scan and preform QuickScan by clicking on Start button.
    Every once in a whilere, it's recommended to preform virus scan with avast! 2014.

    Windows Updates, beeing up to date is very important. Please be sure to activate automatic updates in your control panel.
    Widnows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7 and Windows 8


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    Re: Please help with URL; Mal
    « Reply #18 on: December 27, 2013, 03:39:06 PM »
    Thanks so much for all the help :)