Author Topic: Avast 2014, Web Shield -> Script Scanning Issues  (Read 1414 times)

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Avast 2014, Web Shield -> Script Scanning Issues
« on: December 27, 2013, 09:33:44 PM »

Sorry if it is a duplicate thread but i don't have the patience to search through everything since i freshly upgraded to Avast Pro and had a rough time making most of the things work on my notebook.

Problem Description:
Google Search Toolbar not working in firefox 26.0.
Pages Like
         , com etc.
Don't work properly. They just remain in loading state, my internet connection icon from windows is in still searching mode etc.

Sollution to the problem:
Disable Settings -> Active Protection -> WebShield Settings -> uncheck script scanning

My system details are the following:
Windows 7 Home Premium SP0 with all patches up to date
Windows Firewall ONLY
Avast details are in the attachment tried to update to the hot patch and did not work.

Update while i tried to upload the image i have found that even the upload funtion on does not work even with script scanning disabled.
Edit: This might be solved by the download patch but id did not manage to apply it even after the restart and wait a few minutes. Might be related.

I understand that these issues happen during SW releases but i would like to have a revert function so i could revert to a stable version.
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