Author Topic: I cannot access a website when I have the lasted version of avast on Windows 7  (Read 1177 times)

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hi i would like to say something to the avast developers at avast if I may.  You see I tried to install the lasted version of avast free on a Windows 7 desktop computer.  Everything went fine with updating to the lasted avast version through the gui updater. Then I went to and put my email address in and my password then I pushed the continue button on the site and what Greeted  me was just a big blank white page no error messages or anything.  So then I went into Internet Explorer 11 and clicked on tools and under tools I went to Manage addons.  In addons I disabled avast internet security addon.  Then I went under tools again and went to internet Options and deleted temp files, cookies etc.  After that was done then typed in again and I put my email address in and password and pushed continue and once again all that came up was a blank white page and nothing more no errors messages or anything.

So then I took the uninstall utility uninstalled the lasted version from Windows 7 and then I re downloaded avast 9.0.2008 from the internet and installed it back on Windows 7.  Then I went back to and entered my email address again and password and pushed continue.  This time success I was able to get into my account without any problems and no blank white page to greet me either.

So this is leading me to understand that avast the lasted version has a bug in it that when installed on Windows 7 and if you disable the avast security addon for Internet Explorer 11 that the issue still remains that you can not log in to your account at all.

I surely hope this get fixed soon avast team

have a good day.