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Issues with Database
« on: January 06, 2014, 06:23:11 PM »
Hi Community,

I'm using avast on my desktop ever since. Since updating to the newest release of avast I'm having trouble with a program called JTL-Wawi, a server-based database-program (The Server is located within my local network).
It seems like the programs-database connection is getting disconnected after a short period of time using it. So the program would hang and I'll have to wait for 10 secs before connection is reestablished and I can continue to work with it. When I'm turning off Avast, the programm will work well. So I decided to place some exeptions in Avast, by excluding the programm and the server in the web-protection tab URL-list and prozess-list. This doesn't seem to work, though. What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for your inputs.