Author Topic: Disabling and enabling Google Drive on your avast! profile page.  (Read 5489 times)

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I got a cryptic email from Avast! that said “Please reauthorize avast! by disabling and enabling Google Drive on your avast! profile page.” There was also a link to “show device in avast! Account portal” Here are some missing steps, just in case you also receive the message.
1. On your Account page first locate your device that rus avast! backup.
2.  Click the blue View Details button.
3. Find and click the Backup tab.
4. Under Backup Status, next to the word Error (in red), click the Google Drive icon.
5. Click the Disable Google Drive button (A confirmation pop-up appears at the top of the screen).
6. Click the same icon as in step 4, above.
7. Click the Enable Google drive button and accept the permissions.
The button to configure Google drive only seems to have one function, allowing offline access. Whether or not any of this fixes your error, that is how you enable and re-enable Google Drive when you get the authentication is invalid error. Good luck. After a while the Backup Status should change to Idle.