Author Topic: NEW Program Update Release for SOA and AEA. Now Compatible with 8.1 and 2012 R2  (Read 7819 times)

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Che Johnson

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Hello All,

I'm happy to announce that we will be upgrading to the new program version 8.0.1603.  This program update will be for both the Console and the Clients.  If your client is managed then you need to first update the Console, then update the clients.

New Versions Include

Client : 8.0.1603
AEA:     8.0.367.384 (January 14, 2014 build)

EA (New Version 8.0.367)

- Global Exclusions: limit of exclusions has been increased

- Boot time scan: scan can be properly scheduled/finished without end user interaction

- Localization bug fixes

- Performance tab was added to the Scanning task

- Dynamic groups sort Win7 and newer OSs properly


- Windows 8 is listed in the console and reports, instead of windows 8.1

SOA (Version

- Boot time scan parameters fixed

- Exchange tab in the Shield settings is no longer visible when EPS license is used

- UI layout problems in Russian language were fixed


- Windows 8 is listed in the console and reports, instead of windows 8.1


Client side changes: (Client Version 8.0.1603)

- FW installation process has been changed for Win 8.1

- Sandbox/Autosanbox modifications: mostly on the server side

- MS Outlook mail add-in has been completely changed

- FW - Network tools display proper information

New supported platforms:

Win 8.1

Win 2012R2


A. How to update Enterprise Administration Update (version 8.0.367 build 2014)

1. To update the console there are 2 options

A. Update from Control Panel and go to add / remove programs.  Then click updates, next and you should start to see your console update to version 8.0.367 (Recommended - January 14, 2014 build)

2. After the console has updated, make sure the mirror now shows the correct version and then you can update the clients with an update program task and all new installations will now be version 8.0.1603 clients.

3. Please REBOOT after upgrade

B.  How to update the Small Office Administration  (version

1. This can ONLY be updated by running the set up file found in the link below.

2. If some of your clients haven't already updated then push an update task from the console to the clients only after making sure the mirror is also up to date.

***VERY IMPORTANT - You must redeploy to update the clients with the new program or they can be done on the client manually. ***

Kind Regards

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Please post new links to download new version. - Avast Distributor & AVG Distributor in Russia

Che Johnson

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They will be the same as before, and you can update them directly from our website.


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...and what were they before?

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I have version 8.1603 installed on my Windows 8.1 machine and I cannot get the firewall to start up.  When I click "Turn on" on the home screen of Avast!, it gives me an error message that reads, "unable to start Firewall!".  It gives no other information on what might be causing the issue.  Any help you could give would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


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I'm somewhat confused with regard to the new version.

My current AEA Console identifies itself as version 8.0.367 with a build date of November 2013.

Every time I attempt to update the program via the "Programs and Features" mechanism, I am informed that there's a newer version with a publishing date of Jan. 13, 2014.
Running through the rest of the update process results with a message that the program has successfully updated, yet the November 2013 build date persists.

Downloading the installer and running results in the single choice of uninstalling.

Am I missing something?

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It's a bug.  >:(

The last available version for AEA is 8.0.367 published on 20/01/2014.  ;)